26 October 2013

Hadoop Tutorial: Part 5 - All Hadoop Shell Commands you will Need.

Since now we are done with the Hadoop Installation. Lets Start working on it's Shell Commands. If you know Unix Shell Commands it will be really easy for you to understand it. It is quite similar to the unix shell commands but not all of the Unix command is going to work here in Hadoop.

22 October 2013

Hadoop Installation on Local Machine (Single node Cluster)

As requested by many of our visitors and subscribes, here i am with the single node cluster installation of Hadoop on Ubuntu.

14 October 2013

Hadoop Tutorial: Part 4 - Write Operations in HDFS

In the previous tutorial we get to know about the read operations in HDFS, now lets move on further and see how write happens in HDFS.

12 October 2013

Hadoop Tutorial: Part 3 - Replica Placement or Replication and Read Operations in HDFS

Till now you should have got some idea of Hadoop and HDFS. In tutorial 1 and tutorial 2 we talked about the overview of Hadoop and HDFS. Lets get a bit more technical now and see how Read Operations are performed in HDFS but before that we will see what is replica of data or replication in Hadoop and how namenode manages it.

6 October 2013

Hadoop Tutorial: Part 2 - Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

In the last tutorial on  What is Hadoop?  i have given you a brief idea about Hadoop. So the two integral parts of Hadoop is Hadoop HDFS and Hadoop MapReduce.

Lets go further deep inside HDFS.

3 October 2013

Hadoop Tutorial: Part 1 - What is Hadoop ? (an Overview)

Hadoop is an open source software framework that supports data intensive distributed applications which is licensed under Apache v2 license.

At-least this is what you are going to find as the first line of definition on Hadoop in Wikipedia. So what is data intensive distributed applications?

24 September 2013

Start using RangeSliceQuery instead of IndexedSliceQuery as IndexedSliceQuery is Deprecated with Hector 1.2 +

In my earlier post i have shown you How to use IndexedSliceQuery in Cassandra. Well it is time now to switch it with RangeSliceQuery since IndexedSliceQuery is now Deprecated with Hector 1.1+ release.

22 September 2013

Best of Books and Resources to Get Started with Hadoop

Hello Guys!

I will be starting a series of Hadoop Tutorials, that will help you understand the basic concepts of Hadoop, Hadoop HDFS and Hadoop MapReduce.

16 September 2013

DataStax Cassandra and OpsCenter Installation. Step by step Procedure.

DataStax distributes and supports a version of Apache Cassandra which manages real-time analytics, enterprise serach data and leverages its power with Apache Hadoop, Apache Solr, Apache Hive, Pig, Mahot, and much more.
10 September 2013

What are the Pre-requisites for getting started with Big Data Technologies

Lots of my friends who have heard about Big Data World or may be interested in getting into the same, have this query, what are the prerequisite for learning or may be start digging into Big Data Technologies. And what are the technologies that comes under Big Data. 

5 September 2013

New Cassandra 2.0 Release: Strengthen CQL, Support for Triggers, Lightweight Transactions and lots more...

Apache Cassandra gets a new release 2.0 on 4th September 2013. Being Developed at facebook and later open sourced, it is one of the most famous NoSQL databases used world wide. Based on Google's BigTable and Amazon's DynamoDB, it is highly scalable, distributed with no single point of failure.