What are the Pre-requisites for getting started with Big Data Technologies

Lots of my friends who have heard about Big Data World or may be interested in getting into the same, have this query, what are the prerequisite for learning or may be start digging into Big Data Technologies. And what are the technologies that comes under Big Data. 

Well this is quite a difficult question to answer, because there is no distinct draw between what comes under the hood. But one thing is for sure that Big Data is not only about Hadoop as lots of us out there have this miss conception.

Hadoop is just a framework that is being used in Big Data. And yes it is used quite a lot or if i can say it is one of the integral part of Big Data. But beside Hadoop there are tons of tools and technologies that comes under the same. To name a few we have:

          Cassandra          HBase             MongoDB              CouchDB              Accumulo        HCatlog      Hive                       Sqoop        Flume         Storm              SimpleDB              DynamoDB              Redis          Riak                                        Neo4j                            Titan                      
and lots more...

Helpful Link: Best of Books and Resources to Get Started with Hadoop

OK, now if we look at the NoSql Databases (that's what we call databases handling unstructured data in Big Data) and different tools, mentioned above, most of them (few being exception) is written in JAVA including Hadoop. So as a programmer if you want to know and go in depth of the architectural APIs, Core Java is the recommended programming language that will help you to grasp the technology in a better and more efficient way.

Now if i am saying that core java is recommended that doesn't imply that people who don't know Java, have no scope in the same. Because Big data is all about managing the data more efficiently, more intelligently.

So people who have the knowledge of data warehousing gets a plus point here. Managing large amount of data and playing around the same with its volume, velocity variety and complexity is the work of a Big Data Scientist.

Apart from Data warehousing background, People having experience with Machine learning, Theory of Computation, and Sentiment Analysis are contributing a lot in this World.

So it will be unfair to say, that who can and who cannot work in Big Data technology. Its an emerging field where most of us can lay our hand and can contribute in its growth and development, And Yes the most important thing that's what i like about being in Big Data is that, most of the tools are open source. So I can play around with the Source Code :)

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vishwash said...

hello deepak sir..

i want to start my career as a big data analyst...
please suggest me how to start my career in big data analyst in depth....


vishwash raj verma

Unknown said...

Hi vishwash..
nice to hear from you. I believe you are a fresher.. so being a fresher just start by learning basic concepts of Databases and also try hands on in Core Java. Once you are versed with the same. You can start learning Hadoop... Hadoop Definitive Guide is the best resource to start with and get into the flow of what is Big Data and why to go for it.
for now just start with all of these and i am sure you will be in a good shape to go :)

Anonymous said...

What are the things that needs to be learned in core Java? Might be stupid question but just wanna know what all things should be learnt in java for mapreduce programming in Java?

Unknown said...

@Anonymous: Well actually if you are going for java you must be well versed in OOps concepts and after that go for collections, generics and threading... I think this is all we need for programming in MapReduce :)

Manas said...

Hi Deepak,
I am a C#.Net (WinForm) programmer. I got to know Big Data is an emerging technology.
So i want to switch my career in Big Data. Can you please guide me..?

uday uriti said...

Hello Deepak. I have a good knowledge on ETL (Informatica). I would like to learn Big Data and planning to switch my career to BigData. I dont have any knowledge on Java. Could you please let me know how to start and which framework i have to choose.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deepak,

I have good hands-on exp on Oracle PLSQL, but do not have exp on Data warehousing. I am not sure where to start with. Request your help on this.


Unknown said...

Hi Viswash,
I have about three years of exp on a web based I am planning to learn big data andmake. My carrier in bigdata as an analyst.
I don't have much knowledge on data base please suggest me whether I have to big data directly or learn sql start

Unknown said...

I would like make my carrier on big data. I have theee experience on a java base application but I don't have any knowledge on sql please suggest should I take big data course directly or learn sql and start

Thanks in advance for your inputs

Unknown said...

Hi Viswash,
I have about three years of exp on a web based I am planning to learn big data andmake. My carrier in bigdata as an analyst.
I don't have much knowledge on data base please suggest me whether I have to big data directly or learn sql start

Anonymous said...

I have been in industry well over for 14year working with wide old technologies like C++ tuxedo pro *C VC++ then to Quality Assurance and to management, now I feel back to come back to technology started looking into Big Data.....(a buzz word these days). .....what more we do in Big Data other than writing MapReduce algorithm.

Anonymous said...

I am workin as a project manager with core development in MS Visual studio .Net experience. Is Big Data knowledge suitable for me?

Anonymous said...

If I want to know complete technology about Big data, What are basic foundation I should have?

Unknown said...

I am COBOL progerammer . Is learning Big Data suitable to me ?

thamees said...

Hi Sir,

I have experience in DataWarehousing and Microstrategy BI. I would like to learn more about BigData. How and from where should i start?


Moin said...

I am having 4.5 years experience is server support profile. I am interested in Big Data and Analytics and want to make career in the same. I have basic skill of Database, SQL, Data warehousing concepts. I dont know any of the programming languages or not even the concepts.
Could you please guide me where to start and how can I make the career path in Big Data and Analytics field.


Gaurav Jain said...

HI Deepak

I want to start my carrer in Hadoop application testing. Please guide me on this


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